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Valve Stem Seal (6 mm)

Valve Stem Seal (6 mm)


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Compatible Vehicles

AudiA41997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro1997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA81997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro1997Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA41998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA4 Quattro1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA61998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA6 Quattro1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA81998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA8 Quattro1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
AudiA41999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA4 Quattro1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA61999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA6 Quattro1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA81999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA8 Quattro1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
AudiA42000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS82001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS62002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS82002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiRS62003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS62003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS82003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA62004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA42005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA4 Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA6 Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA8 Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiAllroad Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiTT Quattro2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiS42005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
AudiA32006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA8 Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA32007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA8 Quattro2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ72007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiRS42007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA32008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA5 Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ72008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiRS42008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS52008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA62009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA42009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA4 Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiTT2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiTT Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiQ72009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA5 Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiS52009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA32009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA6 Quattro2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiQ52009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
AudiA32010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ72010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA5 Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS52010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiQ52010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiS42010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA62010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA6 Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA42010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA52010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
AudiA32011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS52011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA52011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS42011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA62011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA42011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiTT Quattro2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA32012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS52012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA52012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS42012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA42012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiA4 Quattro2012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
AudiS42013Base; Sedan; 3.0L; (24)
VolkswagenPassat1998Avant; Wagon; 2.8L V6; From chassis # 8D-W-007800.(30)
VolkswagenBeetle1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
VolkswagenPassat1999Base; Sedan; 2.8L V6; (30)
VolkswagenBeetle2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2000Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenEuroVan2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2001Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenEuroVan2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2002Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenEuroVan2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2003Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenTouareg2004Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenGolf2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenJetta2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenPassat2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenTouareg2005Base; Sedan; 1.8L L4; (20)
VolkswagenBeetle2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGolf2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenRabbit2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2006Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenBeetle2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenEos2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenRabbit2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2007Base; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenBeetle2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenRabbit2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenEos2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenR322008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2008Base; Coupe; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenPassat2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenEos2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenTiguan2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenGTI2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenTouareg2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenRabbit2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenCC2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenBeetle2009Cabriolet; Convertible; 4.2L V8; (40)
VolkswagenTouareg2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenEos2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTiguan2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenCC2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenBeetle2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenGolf2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenPassat2010Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L L4; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenEos2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenTiguan2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenCC2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenGTI2011Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenTouareg2012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2012Quattro; Hatchback; 2.0L; (16)
VolkswagenJetta2013Base; Sedan; 3.0L; (24)

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